About Us

gather here  is a fabric, yarn, and fibers store offering classes, an inspirational work space, and knowledgeable instructors. We aim to provide a creative, fun, inspiring environment for the maker in everyone.

We are Cambridge's first stitch lounge with machines, supplies, tables and most importantly, space, for the maker to create.

What's a stitch lounge you ask? Sewing lounges have been popping up all over the country (even the world!) and provide people with a space to make something without having to purchase expensive equipment or make room in their homes to craft. It's also a place where people can meet others who share a common interest (or two). It's a gathering space to come create, support, and learn from each other.

gather here  also offers classes in sewing (beginner to advanced), knitting (beginner to intermediate), crochet, and hand embroidery. And there are plenty of workshops that cover the spectrum of DIY crafts like block printing, repurposing "stuff" and whatever else we/you/us wants to learn/do!

gather here  has many people to thank for getting the concept off the ground but here's the core crew behind the stitch lounge.


Virginia B. Johnson began dreaming of  gather here 
in 2008, but was always very busy with her day-job, costume designing and supervising for the stage and screen. For her day-job, she has costumed students of the theatre as well as award-winning actors. Virginia has been sewing as long as she can remember having learned the art from her grandmother and mother. She taught costume design, construction, and fashion history at Tufts University for seven years and has continued teaching young adults how to make clothing and express their personal style. Virginia is a collector of vintage buttons and a clothes horse, she has too many not-yet-completed knitting projects that she stashes in baskets and bags all over her home, and she wishes she wasn't so square because she'd give more framed Subversive Stitch gifts to family members instead of just dreaming about doing it.

Joe Barillaro Joe is a scenic artist for the film and television industry as well as a fine artist in his spare time. He drew a really awesome picture of a dog in a graveyard for Halloween back in 2006 and it adorned the back of Noah's old school brick phone. It's one of Virginia's most treasured pieces of art. We knew from the get-go that Joe had to be a part of gather here. And we're so glad he thinks we're hip enough to associate with. Joe's based in Somerville and you may have seen some of his art around Greater Boston. To see more of Joe's work visit his website.

 Noah Dubreuil is Virginia's partner in crime (not real crime, but you know, life). Noah is a props assistant and on-set dresser for film and television (he just started filming (yet another) little (big) feature film!. He's also a computer whiz and handles our taxes. You can find Noah behind the counter pretty much every Sunday cutting fabric, assisting with yarn selection and just being swell. Noah spends his free time playing pinball and learning to needle felt. Noah's Canadian.

Maggie Brown, Sarah Coyne, Stacie Dolin, Carla Goodwin, Jen Gubicza, Danielle Shields, and Maritza Soto make up our crafty genius team. Each is versed in multiple crafts and are artists in their own right. Maggie is a jane-of-all-trades. A little bit of knitting, a little bit of sewing. Maggie spends time behind the counter assisting customers with their project needs, making a smilodon costume for her son, and is probably more enthusiastic than anyone's mother about their project! Sarah or Egg-a-Go-Go teaches screen printing in our simple but awesome screen printing kitchen. We are thrilled to now be able to offer this craft! Stacie aka NJ Stacie is a book binder, spinner, knitter, crocheter, stitcher, paper cutter, and MAKER. She teaches at the North Bennet Street School, has a new book out and we just don't even know why she wants to work with us but we're glad she does. Carla is a graduate of Mass Art, she is an amazing artist combining embroidery and illustration in her work. She also crochets and sews! Carla is at the helm of Kids are Alright program. Jen is the mastermind behind Zooguu. She teaches two toy making workshops every month and manages her own booming small business. Danielle is our knitting instructor and is obviously an avid knitter. The Ice Cream Dress she recently made for her daughter is ADORABLE! Maritza is a quilting instructor. Mother of two, maker of all things and funny to boot, we're lucky to have her as part of the family. Definitely check out Maritza's website to see what incredible things she is making. 

Alison Gordon and Sophie Ordway are our store managers. Sophie makes sure the store operates smoothly, handling inventory and sales while Alison takes care of emails, places orders and teaches beginner/intermediate sewing classes. Working together they make it possible for multiple classes to happen simultaneously and keep our stock up-to-date! Both of them are incredibly talented craftspeople, well-versed in multiple crafts and the handcraft movement.

Friends - you really can't build a community without the help of your friends. We are grateful to so many local makers and shakers for sharing their expertise and time with us. Check out a full list of the people we think are Greater Boston arts & crafts superstars on our FRIENDS page.