FAQs -

General Questions

How long have you been open?
Is there parking?
Where is gather here located?
What is a stitch lounge?
What kind of classes do you offer?
How does sew-by-the-hour work?
What is your weather policy?
When can I visit gather here?
When do you post new classes?
When is your next (insert course name here) class?
Can I have a party at gather here?
What is your newsletter policy?
Does gather here donate gift baskets/gift cards/raffle-prizes?
Do you sell gift cards?
Do you sell sewing machines?
I'm a crafty genius aka are you hiring?!?!

Our Classes and Class Policies

How do I register for a class?
I signed up for a class but I can't make it - may I have a refund?
The class I want to take is full! Is there a waiting list?
Do I have to bring a sewing machine?
Is there parking?
Is there a class enrollment minimum?
Why are some supplies provided and others are not?
Do you offer private lessons?
What is your weather policy?
When do you post new classes?
How do I redeem a gift card for a class?
I want to use my class credit to register for another class, what do I do?
Where will my class be?
You don't offer a class I want to take - may I suggest a class?

Online Shop

We haven't really had enough questions for any to really be called frequent ...

But we have had a few.  So here are our answers to some of the questions we think that you'll ask.

Feel free to ask us more.

What size cut of fabric do you sell online?