Finish It!


We have developed a number of classes and workshops this year dedicated to helping folks "finish it!" Not everyone sews/knits/crochets quickly. No one is perfect. Sometimes life gets in the way between two class sessions and you don't find the time to do your "homework". We get it. But you aren't going to finish your project in class. Which is fine with us. But perhaps you need more assistance? Perhaps you've put a project on the back burner and now that you have it in hand you have no idea where to start? These projects are perfect for one of the FINISH IT! workshops. <PREVIEWEND>

Or say you took the Weekender Bag workshop but despite your best efforts just struggled to get the exterior together and still have to put in your lining? Well, why not sign up the Weekender Bag Office Hours workshop? The instructor of the class is available to assist you getting through the final steps of your bag. Or provide you with feedback on how to make the bag better next go around. And if you are the kind of person that won't do your homework between sessions then sign up for those Office Hours and get the work done so you can be prepared for the next meeting.

And these workshops are not just for sewing. We have a Knitting and Crochet Finish It workshop for anyone who has ever stashed an unfinished project in the bottom of a bag or deep in the closet. Pull that project out and get the professional advice your project deserves. Figure out how to set your sleeves. Add that last bit of edging. Make that i-cord. Heaven forbid you made a mistake (gasp) but no need to fear, you can tackle that mistake with some assistance. And get back on track.

Finish It! isn't just for beginners. It's for the person who just isn't "getting it" from a YouTube video. Or the kind of learner that needs hands-on instruction. It's for anyone that could use a pep-talk because "going it alone" really doesn't need to be how we craft. And sometimes you can't get any of our attention for long enough to help you "figure it out" because when we're in the store not teaching, we're helping customers make informed choices about products or stocking the shelves or checking the inventory so our online shop can launch without inventory mistakes. We created these workshops because everyone deserves one-on-one attention.

Join us and get it done! Challenge us. Share with us. Above all, FINISH IT!

March 5th Sewing Finish it! (pants still need a hem? never put in the buttonholes? all the pieces are cut out but the instructions don't make any sense?)

March 12th Knitting Crochet Finish It! (you can't just make one sock... and you might want to weave in those end...)

March 23rd Weekender Bag Office Hours (perfect for getting your homework done or getting through the last steps of your bag that you started last year!)

March 24th Modern Drunkard's Path Office Hours (took this class in 2012 and haven't quilted it? Need assistance binding? Sign up!)

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March Guest Artist: Cynthia Treen


You have probably seen the lovely thread follower stuffie kits we've been carrying for over a year in the shop and at our Bazaar Bizarre Boston show table. Designed by Cynthia Treen in nearby Rhode Island, they are one of our most popular gifts. These small hand-stitching projects are a wonderful introduction to sewing for all ages and use products sourced in New England. We're huge fans of Cynthia's!

But did you know that Cynthia is the author of Last-Minute Fabric Gifts? And you may not be familiar with Cynthia's other talent - appliqué. We are truly honored to have Cynthia be the next special guest teaching in The Annex. <PREVIEWEND> Cynthia's one-day workshop on Saturday the 23rd from 1 to 7 PM will focus on layered appliqué - something we have never offered at gather here but we think will be a great addition to anyone's arsenal of skills. You'll learn how to utilize appliqué in your work and how to take your class creation and use it as the cornerstone or centerpiece of future projects.

Here are some amazing examples of Cynthia's work. We hope you'll join us on March 23rd for what we hope will be one of many workshops with Cynthia Treen.

All images by Cynthia Treen.

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Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Sale


Thursday, January 24th is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day and we wanted to say thank you! We aren't "just" a quilt shop even though we sell some awesome quilting fabric and teach a number of quilting classes. We also consider ourselves a pretty fabulous knitting, crochet, needlecraft and sewing shop. (Have you seen the two dozen wools we have in stock? And the new Spud & Chloe yarns?)


I think nearly every single person that works at gather here has patchworked something - a tree skirt, a laptop case, a baby quilt, a potholder. Every new order of fabric that arrives inspires me to make another quilt. I'm currently sneaking in a few minutes each day to work on my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt that was inspired by Aneela Hoey. <PREVIEWEND>


Abby Glassenberg wrote the absolute NICEST blog post about why she loves Gather Here for the Visit Your Local Quilt Shop blog-hop and we hope that you feel the same way. We hope that we've been providing you with inspiration, quality products and a community of makers that was missing from your life. Because honestly, that's what you've provided for us. We get to share our love of craft with YOU every single day. We not only teach the crafts we are passionate about but also learn from the talented folks that come to the store. We are blown away with all that YOU manage to create and how awesome everything is.


As our way of saying thanks for making us your local quilt shop, we're offering 25% off all quilting cotton. And for just this day only, buy 4 fat quarters and get 2 free. PLUS, with a $50 purchase you can enter to win a fat quarter bundle of our favorite Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets (pictured above) or a fat quarter bundle of our favorite prints from Carolyn Friedlander's Architextures! We can't wait to see what you make!

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The Good Stuff (January 18)

You may not realize this but every single day something arrives. Sometimes it's just a new notion. Or that long-awaited box of Clover seam rippers that every distributor in America seems to be out of.  We get to unpack it all and forget that you don't so we thought perhaps you could use an update on Friday of what you might find in the shop! So without further ado:


left: Daisy Janie's 2013 kick-off collection - New Leaf,  right: Carolyn Friedlander's first collection - Architextures <PREVIEWEND>


left: New Liberty Art Tana Lawn florals,  right: Lizzy House's Pearl Bracelets in a rainbow


left: Cascade 220 Sport in all their glorious colors is back in stock,  right: Fibre Co's Acadia Asparagus is back!


This weekend is our Debbie Bliss Sale! All Debbie Bliss Yarn is 25% off! Buy a pattern booklet and a project's worth of yarn for 30% off! Always fashionable with so many weights and colors to choose from.

Also, in this week: backordered colors of Cascade 220 Superwash and plenty of Magnum. Moda's French General in natural and Honey Honey have arrived as well as Noteworthy. And we're excited to announce that Spud & Chloe Sweater and Outer will be on the shelves on Monday, January 21st!

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My Twelve Days Of Constellations

When we received the 18 bolts of Lizzy House's most recent fabric collection, Constellations, there were audible gasps as each bolt was unwrapped. I had been lucky enough to receive some sample yardage from Lizzy to sew into dresses to wear to Quilt Market in Houston but that had just intensified the desire to share it with everyone. Whenever I wore my Supernova dress people asked if we had the fabric yet. It's just that awesome. Even back in late Spring when I saw the collection on paper I knew it would be incredible.

Above: the "fabric" cards that we order collections from. There's A LOT of trust going in when you see "fabric" on paper since colors can and do change sometimes. But I knew immediately that this was too amazing to not purchase every single bolt.

Above: sample yardage that arrived in October. And the stack of actual bolts. The progression of blues takes my breath away. <PREVIEWEND>

In a moment of madness, swept away by the collection stacked on the cutting table waiting to become something I embarked on a sewing quest. Because it arrived near the holiday, I decided I'd do "Twelve Days of Constellations". A project a day that featured this fabric that I love so much. Designed by one of the loveliest women I've met in my lifetime. And as you all know, with each stitch I stitched I'd be wishing on a star, dreaming big dreams for the new year.

Here are those 12 Days:


Day 1 - Supernova in Black V-Neck Shift Dress (I love how my dress sort of matches the Bazaar Bizarre Boston Poster...)


Day 2 - Moon Phase Polka Dot in Purple Scoop Neck A-Line Dress with 3/4 length sleeves (you could make something similar using Sewliberated's Schoolhouse Tunic pattern)


Day 3 - Twinkle Twinkle in Black V-Neck sleeveless dress with gathered skirt inspired by this Merchant & Mills Madison Dress


Day 4 - Constellations in Blue Virginia Skirt (This pattern is totally going to be available this spring! Yay for local printers!)

Day 5 - Constellations Asterisks Skinny Tie (come join us for the class sometime...)

Day 6 - Constellations in Purple and Asterisks in Light Blue Wide-leg Lounge Pant (make a similar pair using Amy Butler's Lounge Pant Pattern in her book, In Stitches)

Day 7 - Star Chart in Black Pajama Pants

Day 8 - Supernova in Purple Uptown Dress


Day 9 - Star Chart in Blue and Twinkle Twinkle in Natural Blue Cotton Ric-Rac trimmed pillow cases

Day 10 - Twinkle Twinkle in Natural Pendrell Blouse

Day 11 - Cotton/Mohair Twill with Constellations Asterisks in Black Cynthia Rowley Skirt

Day 12 - Constellations Asterisks in Purple Washi Dress

Thanks to everyone that followed along on Instagram. Thanks to Lizzy for designing a collection that was too difficult to resist. And thanks to Nita, my grandmother, who taught me to sew. Resting my head on my new Constellations pillow case is perhaps the sweetest thing. And obviously leads to the sweetest dreams.

Don't worry, I've ordered more Constellations... and I can't wait to see what you make in 2013.

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First Week of Every Month

This fall we instituted handmade week at gather here (it had been a joke for about a year but Sammy finally said it was time). If you happen to be lucky enough to be employed here on the first full week of the month you have to wear something handcrafted. It can be as simple as a scarf or as complicated as a shirt-dress but it has to be visible to everyone. And boy do you feel silly wearing an infinity scarf when someone else comes in wearing a stunning colorwork sweater.


It's also great incentive to make things for yourself which many of us are guilty of NOT doing. We're so busy sharing our craft with others that we forget to embrace a little selfish making. It's also really inspiring to see what the folks you work with every day have been toiling over. And how they've used yarns, fabrics and floss in their own unique way.

We'd like to encourage you to also make the first full week of every month a handmade fashion week. Come in and share your "handmade by you" wardrobe with us and receive 10% off your purchase (one discount per month). And we'll also stamp your frequent maker card because if you rock handmade for all 12 months of 2013 you will win an awesome prize AND a handmade fashion badge. For realz. Like in scouts. (Every single month no exceptions... you have to earn that badge!)

Here's some gather here fashion from this fall:






I just love this so much! We have some talented folks with great taste at gather here. I'm giddy just thinking about what everyone is going to be wearing next week! And we can't wait to see what you stroll in wearing. No one gushes like we do... Happy New Year! And here's to a Handmade 2013!

photo details from top: Sammy in the Samantha Skirt, Noah in Skinny Tie, Danielle in Washi Dress AND Hipster Cowl, Marissa in the Rae, Maggie in a Washi, Maritza in a Schoolhouse Tunic adaptation, Noah in Negroni, Virginia in one of her made up shifts, Sammy in a Washi AND Hipster Cowl, Sophie in a Kitty Hat and a peplum cardigan, Stacie in a Hiro-Grinder (FYI - this is Stacie's photo from her Flickr account and she requested that be clearly noted - if you click on the image it will take you to the original), and Carla in self-designed silkscreened t-shirt and cowl.

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Solutions at Work


We make every effort to support each maker that walks through our doors so that she/he can realize his/her making potential because we believe that makers are essential members of the community. And as we build a community of makers we know that it is so important to give to others. Not just our friends and families but those who are facing difficult times. In our current economic climate there are more families than ever that could use our help. That's why we've made it part of our gather here culture to make for others each holiday. We know that the gather here community is a generous one and that the greater community can depend on them to help out.

This year we are collecting handmade items to donate to a wonderful organization, Solutions at Work. Solutions at Work serves over 6,000 individuals living in poverty annually through their programs. These programs assist those that are homeless or living in poverty gain self-confidence, professional skills and financial stability. Solutions at Work was found in 1989 by a group of homeless individuals and every single day they work to create a community where homeless and poor people have the resources, opportunities, and partners they need to achieve self-sufficiency. <PREVIEWEND>

We have gotten to know a number of folks that are not only actively involved with this organization but are also passionate about making and the value of creative process in fostering inclusion and self-confidence. We are happy to help them in their efforts by collecting handmade goods for their children's services. And we're excited that we may be giving the gift of handmade to some of these youngsters for the very first time in their lives.

We hope that you will take the time to "make something" for those less fortunate and for those that will truly appreciate your efforts. We'll be collecting items right up to Friday, December 21st when we would like to deliver a bundle of handmade goodness to the Roosevelt Towers Housing Complex before they close at 3 PM.

If you are wondering what to make and what you can donate:

Knit/Crochet Hats, Scarves, and Mittens - no fiber restrictions though superwash is always smart! The Autumn Hat pattern by Jane Richmond is super quick and so warm.

Blankets/Quilts - baby and throw sizes are awesome

Softies - we've had so much interest in our softies and amigurumi classes we figured folks must be just whipping these up in all their spare time so why not share your love for toys...

Children's Clothing - We have six pairs of pj pants that some of the kids in our afterschool program have made for others! And Virginia has whipped up another 6 pairs... plus we're donating some simple skirts in fun fabrics that we no longer have in stock. If you've made clothing for your own children that they've outgrown this would be a nice way to pass on those handmade efforts.

Solutions at Work encourages all of us to work together to end homelessness. We encourage you learn more about their volunteer opportunities and hope you'll find a way to make this holiday season a little brighter for those less fortunate.

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What I found at the Annual Handmade Holiday Show - a handmade affair

Thanks to everyone that attended this year's Annual Handmade Holiday Show! We had so much fun and all the vendors mentioned what a fabulous community we've created at Gather Here. And when they say "we" they mean ALL of YOU! I hope everyone found the perfect gift or two and had a chance to talk to some of the amazing makers that shared their Sunday with us. I couldn't help but pick up a few things for friends and let's be honest, I picked up a little something for me as well.


Zipper pouches by Pansy Maiden. I love the vintage fabric and what a fabulous size for carrying just the basics! I have to keep receipts for just about everything business related so this is now my "run some errands" pouch. And I can clip it to my bag! I picked up a plain brown canvas one for Noah to use at his other job working on movies.

These are magnets! Excellent stocking stuffers by Migration Goods. I had to pick up a few of these - the sad toast will be staying in our home but that bear will be in the post traveling west very, very soon. I picked up a few other things but they are secret gifts for a faraway friend. <PREVIEWEND>

Charming wee hoop ornaments by The Merriweather Council. I love the patchwork and I can't wait to wrap up a few gifts and adorn them with these hoops. It's an easy way to share a small handcrafted work with those you love. And I know they will be treasured for a lifetime because my people love Christmas ornaments.

I did it! I bought four mugs from City by the Sea Ceramics for the Annex. A cup of tea has never tasted so good. These mugs are hefty and the handles feel good in your hand. I love the rope texture and I was so excited to learn that they are dishwasher safe! Even better.

Watercolor of a bee by Egg-a-Go-Go. Sarah's original art is really terrific and I was pleasantly surprised to find this bee. My middle initial is B and I have been signing my name with a little drawing of a bumble bee for years. I wear my bee necklace by Twig and Heather A LOT and have all kinds of bee things in my home. So this worker bee is going to be perfect. But also fulfills my grownup decision to support living, working artists by purchasing three pieces of art every year. Sarah's is piece number 2 for 2012. I've been doing this for six years now and I have to say, it's one of the best grownup decisions you can make. My home is filled with some of the most amazing work by really talented artists from all over the East Coast.


This bunny is by Zooguu. He's eating a dandelion... or a yellow pom-pom. Perhaps you've seen THIS? Noah and I agree with a recent study that found that looking at cute baby animals may improve productivity. And since we need all the assistance we can get, we jump start our day over here. But if you can't sit and scan tumblr all day, why not pick up a "portable adorable"? That's how I'm pitching this wee bunny with dandelion. Yes, you're welcome.

Hippos! and giraffes! These guys by Kitty Kitty Craft were a hit at the show. And one may be heading to the home of a good friend. But I'm not saying anything because that would ruin the surprise! But aren't they just too stinkin' adorable? And a number of them went home with some of my favorite people. Yay!


I love these felted acorns by Made in Lowell. The all white ones would be stunning on a silver tree. But I have a soft spot for that sheep. And I may have picked one up but I'm not saying for sure. Because that would ruin someone else's surprise. And I grabbed the leftover cupcake pincushions for the store just in case you're desperately seeking the perfect gift for the sewist in your life.

And finally, I am positive that everyone found something they couldn't live without at the Eat Boutique table. For me it was the beets. And the passion fruit curd. I'm so glad that Maggie made time to join us even though the Eat Boutique Holiday Market is THIS weekend. And is a million times bigger than our wee show. And it's going to be amazing. If you didn't pick up a jar of beets or a copy of Food in Jars then head over there. You will be so glad you did!

FYI: If you are a bit sad that you didn't pick up one of the many incredible things at the Handmade Holiday Show do not fret! Every single one of the vendors has an online shop or another market that you can visit them at. I've heard many folks a little sad that they didn't grab an Egg-a-Go-Go print, hydrangea headband from Migration Goods or one of Pansy Maiden's Port Cities Totes. You still can! And you should. Love to all you awesome supporters of handmade! Mwah! Virginia

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It's Our Handmade Holiday Show!


We've had lots of folks ask exactly what the Handmade Holiday Show is and so I thought I'd dedicate a post just to this event. We hosted a Handmade Holiday Show last December because we realized that while we all like to make gifts for our friends and family, we don't always have enough time to make it all. Despite creating schedules that involve beginning our gift knitting back in August. Not finishing your handmade gifts isn't a reason to give up on the idea of a handmade holiday. There are handmade gifts to be found right in our neighborhood!

There are people in our community that devote all of their time (or a large portion of it should they still be working for "the man") to making beautiful, awesome items that they sell to folks like you and me. These people are valuable members of the community, they continue the long tradition of craft in America and they strive to support themselves through their craft. I have long been an advocate for the maker movement and make a point of spending what little hard-earned cash I make through the Gather Here endeavor on handmade, local goods.

I selected this year's vendors on a number of merits. Would I buy his/her goods? Does she/he make products that are complimentary to the crafts we teach? Have they been integral members of our community? Do I respect and admire the maker's business model?

The 2012 lineup is amazing. Featuring makers that you may not think of when you think of Gather Here. And they are all people that we hold in the highest regard. With products that we believe will make gift-giving truly special this year. <PREVIEWEND>


City by the Sea Ceramics - Yarn bowls and ceramic buttons! Amazing rope impressed mugs that I want to have in the Annex - the white ones. But I also have a soft spot for the brown and green combination. Karen's work is finely crafted, the colors exquisite and we think she makes something that everyone would love. But especially for the knitter/crocheter that has everything - one of her yarn bowls would make the perfect gift. And why not a lovely cup because handcrafts with a cup of something is required.

Eat Boutique - I seriously think Maggie Battista (founder) is the bee's knees. And whenever I am desperately seeking something new to cook I check out their website. AND when my fancy, foodie friends who only vacation in New England turn 35, 40, 45...I send them an Eat Boutique gift box. For our last wedding anniversary I sent the Paris box to Noah to commemorate our last vacation before opening the shop. It'll be awhile before we head back for vin chaud and ice skating at the Hotel de Ville but Eat Boutique made it seem less far away.

Egg-a-Go-Go - If you are my friend and you've had a kid recently chances are you've received an "I'm Being Raised by Wolves" onesie. Unless you posted a picture on Instagram of your kid wearing one and then I got you something else. When I first realized that Sarah was the maker of these genius silk screened garments I got all awkward because I think she is just too cool. So excited that we're the ONLY holiday show she's participating in this year!

Kitty Kitty Craft - Hippos and Manatees. Do we really have to say anything else? I met Karissa through twitter. And she's not only been a patron but also an enthusiastic student. She has a day-job that I think is just soooo cool working over at a major publisher and she spends her free time designing and creating plush works. It's amazing. This is her second craft show and we really hope you'll show her some love.

Made in Lowell - Is a gem. Liz is someone I hope to grow up to be. Always with sound advice and a generous spirit with a tv program promoting other makers! She manages to make some of the most detailed felted goods. And I want to own them all. I sport my cupcake pincushion ring whenever I'm sewing something fancy. And I recommend her full-size cupcakes to EVERYONE. Last year she brought adorable spool of thread earrings that I gave to so many of my maker friends.

The Merriweather Council - I'm a hoop enthusiast with a growing collection of pieces by Danielle. Danielle spends her days (and her nights) hand-embroidering jewelry and art in Providence (she used to live near Fenway). A graduate of MassArt and an Etsy Educator, she has shown her work in the shop, taught a number of workshops and will be our February Artist-in-Residence.

Migration Goods - Toast Ornaments! Hydrangea fascinators! Eling creates beautiful and whimsical pieces using hand-cut felt. We were fortunate enough to have her help us with the summer window and got to watch her in action - cutting and piecing felt flowers like a BOSS! Eling's pudgy bear ornaments make great gift wrapping accessories! (I know...)

Pansy Maiden - I proudly carry my waxed canvas Gabrielle bag all over the country. It's been to Texas TWICE this year. The perfect size for all my "things" - passport, wallet, Orange Owl lip balm, Epi-pen, notepad, ink pen, nail file and emergency knitting project. It converts to a backpack when carrying a cross-body bag is awkward. And I get all kinds of compliments all the time. You probably should own some Pansy Maiden (click for awesome behind the brand video), too.

Zooguu - Noah found Jen first. He loves toys. He's in his mid-30s and cannot help but stop at a toy vendor and pick up something. He tried to put one of her monsters in a movie. But the scene never made it to the final cut. But he owns some Zooguu (specifically a zombie narwhal) and he asked Jen to design our store window full of Yetis. He may be her biggest fan. And he wants to share all that is amazing about Zooguu with you.


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Superstorm Sandy Raffle Prizes

Winners of the generously donated prizes are listed below each photo! Thanks to everyone who donated. Please email us your Red Cross donation confirmation as well as where/how you'd like your prize delivered!

The following prizes have been generously donated for our Red Cross Disaster Relief Fundraiser. We are grateful to all the independent makers and the awesome vendors that we proudly do business with. Thank you so much for helping encourage folks to give to those who desperately need assistance. I love you all. And I love this community. Ready to make a donation? Click here to donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Then leave a comment over HERE with your donation amount and transaction code.


Lorax "Speak for the Trees" Quilt (approx. 66" X 79") donated by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

WINNER: The Branch Family (ON398598819) #412

Bounty of Basics (Lights) Fat Quarters - 100 Kona Fat Quarters totaling 25 yards! These bundles aren't even available until January 2013! Amazing donation from Robert Kaufman Fabrics!

WINNER: The Litke Bennetts (ON395654653) #385

From Swans Island: A signature canvas tote bag, a copy of their newest accessory pattern the Claire Bandana and a skein of Organic Merino Worsted in Bittersweet.

WINNER: Sarah S (ON391978894) #361


GeoCentric 7 oz Organic Cotton Canvas Fat Quarter Bundle from Cloud 9 Fabrics.

WINNER: Carolyn Ziering (ON390937348) #315

 Dirty Water Dyeworks, $75 gift certificate for use in her online shop!

WINNER: Seanna Lea (ON399591165)  #423


Handmade hippo by Kitty Kitty Crafts! Adorable, 100% cotton fabric hippo that is machine-washable and one of a kind.

WINNER: Curiositykt (ON390303691) #273<PREVIEWEND>


A gift basket of awesome from The Orange Owl: Winner selects one vegan handmade soap, one vegan body butter, one vegan bath salt, and one vegan lip balm! All of the Orange Owl's products are 100% chemical-free!

WINNER: Minh (ON386095644) #96


Button Collecting Bird Tote by Egg-a-go-go! Hand screenprinted cotton tote with handstitched vintage and new buttons.

WINNER: Sonya (ON386262164) #109 


Enting Fibercraft Handspun Wool/Silk: Bittersweet and Grapes, 2-ply fingering weight yarn, 135 yds. The colors include rust, bittersweet orange, concord grape purple, and an olive/pine green. Made in Massachusetts by Naomi!

WINNER: YulieGilooly (ON386967525) #341


Totally fashionable prize combo by Margravine and SewMaryAnn.

WINNER:  Amy M (ON389994304) #238


Two pdf bag patterns by Needle and Spatula

WINNER: YulieGilooly (ON386967525) #347


Small Tattooed man from the book We Make Dolls by Jenny Doh. 17 1/2" tall. Designed and made by Mimi Kirchner. He was on the cover.

WINNER: Emily (ON384860885) #65


One skein of hand-dyed superwash merino/sock yarn (fingering weight). 462 yds/100g in blurple colorway by Rhinofluff.

WINNER: Kat King (ON388640179) #175


Two skeins of handspun super-bulky two-ply in "fangorn" 150+ yds, 7+ ounces by Rhinofluff.

WINNER: abmatic (ON382355132) #29



The complete set of Betz White's new patterns: Wildlife with Love

WINNER: The Teti's (ON392948896) #367


Mini Modern Drunkard's Path quilt by Maritza Soto. Approximately 30" X 40" in size. 100% cotton and gorgeous.

WINNER: Lisa R (ON390875472)  #307


TARDIS is a 2ply super thick-n-thin handspun yarn, that's deliciously soft and GIGANTIC like the Pixies song. It's made from super soft merino, bamboo, silk & angelina. Finally it's a whopping 145 yards and spun by KnittinK

WINNER: Sarah W (ON385843543) #79


addi Click Lace Long Tip Set from Skacel Collection, Inc. (I sure hope a knitter wins these!)

WINNER: Liza (ON386828764) #148 


The first issue of By Hand and a By Hand Eco tote bag!

WINNER: The Neus (ON398383367) #406


A Peep Boot by Lizzy House and a copy of her amazing quilt pattern: The Colorist

WINNER: Kelly Speakman (ON394101183) #377


addi-ART Diamond Circular Needles by Skacel Collection, Inc. These needles feature a visible core of genuine Swarovski crystals which twinkle and dance in celebration of every stitch you knit.

WINNER: KBlake (ON386982919) #140


Red Velvet Felted Cupcake Pincushion by Made In Lowell.

WINNER: Stephanie (ON391985904) #360 


Winner may choose from either the 6 Month Yarn Club Spring 2013: Sock / Fingering Yarn or Bulky/Worsted Yarn. Every two months members receive an exclusive, hand-dyed skein of yarn in a totally new color-way! By Toil and Trouble.

WINNER: Sara O (ON389906575) #230


Lamb is knit from cotton and wool and is made from the "Lamb" pattern from the book Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson. Knit by Sarah Schlesinger.

WINNER: Mommers (ON389482597) #21

Three skeins of Fleur de Fiber Amelie, which is 70% wool, 30% silk, 115 grams, 378 yards per skein, retail $30 per skein. They are a lovely purple with hints of reddish purple and splashes of blue by Angela aka Purls before Wine.  

WINNER: Caitlin (ON385856025) #82


Megan Nielsen "I Make Fashion" gusseted cotton tote bag, fabric stash note cards and a copy of Pina: dress/top pattern.

WINNER:  Sophea Diaz (ON394041175) #373

The Herringbones Quilt by Maritza Soto using Lizzy House's Guising.

WINNER: Grassfield Manor (ON401506899) #432

Custom Hand Knit Pom Pom Hat for Baby by MB by brigid.

WINNER: Electra (ON385764654) #169


a copy of Jenean Morrison's Pattern & Design Coloring Book vol. 1 which Virginia picked up at Quilt Market.

WINNER: Elise W (ON386614719) #115

2012 Quilt Market Swag! Copies of Quilting Arts and Modern Patchwork. Three fabric bundles and two patterns!

WINNER: Siobhan (ON383576701) #41 

From the 2012 Quilt Market Fabric 2.0 Goodie Bag! One Free Online Quilting Class on Craftsy!

WINNER: Laurie Mathews (ON389996105) #257

70 yards of hand dyed, hand spun, corespun yarn plus a simple mitt pattern from The Spun Monkey!

WINNER: Lesley Zavediuk (ON388511652) #174

A large stuff toy of the winner's choice by Zooguu!!!! There are 23 critters to choose from including aliens!

WINNER: Monica (ON390258914) #279


The Petite Hobo by Pansy Maiden! Waxed canvas exterior and Cordura interior combine to make the most durable, long-lasting, water-resistant AND fashion-forward bag you will ever come across. Our all-natural, paraffin-based waxed canvas has been used by tough-as-nails mariners for over a century. This fabric is renown for its long-lasting, water-resistant properties. Zip closure, four interior pockets: 2 = 6”x4", 2 = 3”x4” 12” drop, 14” at widest point, 5” deep, 4” across bottom.

WINNER: Jackie Lane Tsioris (ON390945953) #314


A hand embroidered pendant by The Merriweather Council. You will receive a voucher from Danielle to select one pendant in any color with any letter that you'd like!

WINNER: TeamKloss (ON384438723) #50  


Veggie Vampire Tea Towels! A set of 4 18"X20" cotton towels!!!!! by rhymes with twee. (gosh, I hope someone just gives me a set of these)

WINNER:  Alison Gordon (ON389106326) #202

A huge box of charms, fat quarter bundles and four gorgeous tote bags arrived from Andover Fabrics! I think every single person who donated is going to win a charm pack of Marisa (creative thursday)'s the Red Thread and Thomas Knauer's Frippery.

WINNER: Melissa Quest-Mercadante (O-40W557706V615450G) #11
Melissa Carden (ON386663843) #122
Kat Kennedy (ON380262220) #326
Kate Sharaf (ON396126372)  #390

Pellon USA has generously donated throw-sized packages of Natural Blend 80/20 Batting, Wool Batting and 100% Natural Cotton Batting. That's 3 awesome prizes to inspire 3 people to make a quilt! Which you might consider donating to THIS quilt drive!

WINNERS: K Mahoney (ON397374625) #397 (NATURAL BLEND)

Donna (ON390855318) #290 (WOOL)

Candice & Eloise (ON38993678) #241 (COTTON)


This necklace from designer, Erin M. Harris consists of 5 strands of green, gold, and purple seed beads (metallic, clear, and silver-lined), 18 inches with a gold-plated lobster clasp.
WINNER: Amy aka Knit Collage (ON385674372) #72

Also from designer, Erin M. Harris, a bracelet consisting of 3 strands of copper, blue, and green seed beads (metallic, clear, and silver-lined) with green iridescent cube beads. It's 8.5-inches with copper wire end cone coils and a copper square-and-bar clasp.
WINNER: Becca F (ON386210441) #85
Schaluna in Luxair. 58% Baby Alpaca, 10% Merino, 19% Lurex and 13% Nylon. 120 yards per 50 gram ball. From Skacel Inc. 2 balls and a copy of the Skacel Fall Magalog with pattern for hat on the cover.
WINNER: Teena (ON388927823) #187
Betz White (ON390006770) #261
T Crockett (ON391508854) #337
license to purl (ON379104956) #295

Gather Here "make something" hand silk-screened tea towel embroidery kit. One tea towel, 12 skeins of DMC floss, a 6" wooden embroidery hoop, and one pack of Sublime Stitching Needles. Designed by us, made by you!
WINNER: Susan Lay (ON382152183) #13
Heather (ON390010139) #239

A copy of "Sew Merry and Bright" and a fat quarter bundle of Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey.
WINNER: Tracy Kilpatrick (ON382143216) $10 - #21

WINNER: Ingrid Schorr (ON382046637) #1

Lizzy House Recipe Cards!
WINNERS: Nancy Twu (ON382134535) #22
Ariel (ON382299295) #32
Kristen Lewis (ON381987831) #57
The Kleins (ON386775986) #154

 3 yards of Liberty of London silk charmeuse.
WINNER: Emily Chionchio (ON386667647) #131

Charm Pack from Andover Fabrics!
Jennifer Rich (ON401723719) #438
Lindsay's/Serrao's (ON401538865) #437
Jen (ON401590681) #436
Rachel Brogatti (ON401498262) #435
Marissa (ON401446630) #431
Steen (ON398933554) #419
Sarah S. (ON398415055) #407
K Noe (ON396308342) #396
Abigail M (ON395649240)#387
The Sumners (ON395190232) #381
Molly (ON394719900) #378
Melissa Kojima (ON393244824) #371
The Andersons (ON393072927) #370
Rosenstein's (ON392634787) #364
Cheryl Tracy Kubat (ON391563249) #334
Rachel Miller (ON381734412) #332
Beth Schmidt (ON390929448) #320
Erin in Chicago (ON390807970) #311
rowingj (ON386686492) #298
Elizabeth Kite (ON390271268) #269
Heather (ON390158908) #267
Kristen (ON389339987) #265
Lia C (ON390011327) #259
Kristen (ON389534557) #223
Laura (ON389414159) #215
Christine Q (ON389074346) #195
Meredith Honig (ON388691770) #180
The Kleins (ON386775986) #156
Jessica (ON387142159) #150
Monique Hartl (ON386934340) #137
Simone Alpen (ON38683555) #136
Alana (ON385708164) #74
Antonella D'eramo (ON384339385) #45
Greeley (ON383466934) #39
Kris (ON382377809) #36
Katie Carruth (ON382276135) #24
Nicole Levesque (ON382104859) #19
Soley (ON382160497) #10
Caitlin (ON382121078) #4

Mystery Prizes...
Amanda Linnea (ON384131561) #43
Nicole Levesque (ON382104859) $30 - #18

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