It's officially Socktober! Kid President said so!

Every night in the United States an estimated 600,000 people live on the streets. This October, SoulPancake and Kid President want 2 million people (last year they challenged 1 million folks to step up and donate to their neighborhood homeless shelters) to prove that even the smallest acts of love, like donating a pair of socks, can make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors who are homeless. <PREVIEWEND>

gather here is running a "sock" drive to help. Donate your hand-knits for those who could really use them. Socks, scarves, hats, and mittens are all welcome. We recommend a washable fiber so that your donation doesn't end up felting and shrinking when washed/dried. And make your donation in any size because being homeless doesn't have an age limit. Nearly 1.6 million children are homeless in the United States! 

You have until October 31st to drop off your donation. When you make a donation you'll receive a 15% off coupon to use on your next in-store purchase. It's our way of saying "thanks" for being totally awesome. We know you're busy. We know you are bombarded with requests. But we also know you love to make things. And that making things makes the world a little better.

We have no doubt that we can change the world if we do it together. So please spread the word and make something for someone in need. For some sock pattern inspiration check out our Summer of Socks Pinterest board.

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Boston Strong

One Heart Boston quilt at Gather Here
image above: Alicia Cornwell via flickr

How is it possible that a year has already passed since the tragic events at and following the 2013 Boston Marathon? Time marches on even when it feels like time is standing still. Throughout this past year we have volunteered our time and our creative energy to making things to help strengthen our community. From the "To Boston with Love" flag effort (now on display at the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston) to a handcrafted ornament drive for James and Krista last Christmas, we have used our craft powers to good.<PREVIEWEND>

We knew we wanted to pay tribute to all those affected by last year's events in some way. First, we reached out to Alice, president of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild, to see if she could lend us six quilts from "Quilts for Boston" - the BMQG charity quilt drive that resulted in over a hundred handmade quilts that were distributed to those affected by the events of last April. We sponsored a couple sew-ins to help piece blocks that were arriving from all over the world and sew backs for the various quilts. I was surprised at how easily the tears flowed when I unpacked the quilts Alice dropped off.


But we also wanted to make something. Something that many hands could help with. And something that everyone would immediately recognize as Boston. Using Aaron Bouvier's now iconic illustration, One Heart Boston, which we had embroidered into a flag for the "To Boston with Love" exhibit last April, we created a 6'x7' quilt combining embroidery and sashiko.

Carla mapped out the various stitches to recreate the illustration and we then used sashiko to quilt the white top to a red cotton back using cream pearl cotton. Once quilted, we embroidered the Boston Marathon route through all the layers, using french knots for the mile markers.

We asked a number of folks to come and help us stitch this piece. Because it's the act of creating together that inspires us to continue investing our resources into gather here. Spending hours with publishers, scientists, librarians, graphic designers, and artists to create the final quilt was an incredible way to process so many feelings. And getting to introduce these talented folks to one another was also a bonus.


After displaying the One Heart Boston quilt on the eve of the bombing anniversary, Noah and I stood on the sidewalk of Broadway and I whispered, "THIS is so fucking good." Yes, there were tears. It's been awesome to see the photos people have taken of the quilt and of the Quilts for Boston window display . The photographer's reflection in the window while gazing on these tangible objects of love gets me choked up every single time.

We are so lucky to live in such an amazing, resilient city. With so many talented people who are also generous and lovely to boot. We are proud of what we can and will continue to create together. For we are all, Boston Strong.
Visit the shop throughout May 18th to view the Quilts for Boston display.

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Superstorm Sandy Red Cross Fundraiser


image of NYC by film colleague, Sonya Tateosian via Facebook

image of New Jersey by 2nd AD, Ali Walker Jordan via Facebook <PREVIEWEND>

As some of you know, I ended up "stranded" in Houston waiting to fly home from International Quilt Market. It was my first Quilt Market and I was so excited to go. I couldn't wait to talk to some of our tried and true vendors, open new accounts with fashion-forward companies like Michael Miller, and ogle the amazing booth designs. Such a wonderful source of inspiration and it's like being "in the future". But by Saturday afternoon people were huddled in the lobbies, on the phone with airlines trying to get home right then and there because of Superstorm Sandy. My flight had yet to be cancelled so I continued about my business. Looking at fabric, opening accounts, deciding what the shelves of gather here would look like in 2013.

By Sunday many people had hopped on planes home. But my flight was still on schedule. Until late that afternoon. I managed to re-route my flight to Manchester, New Hampshire to arrive on Monday. Only to have my flight cancelled again. And again. An inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. I clung to my phone and iPad for the next few days. On Monday morning, Noah and Carla went in and contacted everyone in our Monday night classes to reschedule. They updated our outgoing voicemail message. Hung up signs announcing we would close at 1. I updated the website and social media outlets with the news that we would be closing early. Then I got on the phone and waited. I wanted to be home. If Sandy was going to wallop the Northeast, I wanted to be there with my family. But I was safely stranded in Houston. Until Wednesday.

I obsessively followed twitter and Facebook over the next few days. Searching for updates. My friends and former students were evacuated from their homes in New York and New Jersey, many without power or transportation. Former colleagues were displaced. Some will be forced to relocate forever. What can any of us do in the face of such a disaster?

When Joplin, Missouri was hit by a devastating tornado we hosted an online fundraising raffle. We raised over $3500 for the Red Cross. We hope to do the same this time around. Actually, we hope to raise $4000 this time. The process is exactly the same. You make a donation, you are entered to win an awesome prize by awesome people. Like the button-collecting bird tote by Egg-a-go-go or the peep boot stocking by Lizzy House pictured below. We've put out a call to many of our vendors as well as the maker community to see if we can drum up awesome prizes to share with you. And of course we'll be donating product (like all the swag I brought home from Quilt Market!) and some of our best handmade goods. We'll be posting the prizes on Tuesday, November 6th after we've had a chance to collect photos and descriptions from our generous donors. (Don't worry, there will be many prizes and many opportunities to win something fabulous!)

How's this going to work?
For every $10 you donate to the Red Cross, you get a virtual raffle ticket. Donate $10 you get 1 ticket; donate $50 you get 5 chances to win a prize, $100 gets you 10 chances.

We're (Virginia & Noah) donating $100 to get this party started.

So go to the Red Cross Donate Funds page and make a donation. When you confirm your donation you'll receive a tracking code which is really important. It's not only in the confirmation page, it's also in the printable tax receipt which you can save as a pdf, AND it's in the emailed receipt that they'll automatically send you. If you donate via text message simply text: REDCROSS to 90999 to automatically donate $10. You'll receive a text message confirmation. Save that text, take a screen capture of it because you'll want to have that number handy when you win.

Finally, leave a comment on this post. Only one is necessary even if you are super generous and donate hundreds of dollars. You need to include the transaction code and donation amount in your comment.

  • Leave a comment - include your donation amount
  • Include your transaction code
  • Your email address so we can contact you should you win! If you comment via a Disqus account we can contact via that.

How we'll be tracking this raffle:
When you submit a comment we'll assign you a raffle ticket number. We'll create a tracking post on this here blog so everyone knows their raffle number and so we can all track the fundraising amounts. We'll update the page every evening until fundraising concludes on Thursday, November 22nd at midnight. That's over 2 weeks to make our fundraising goal!

Then like any good online raffle we'll have the random number generator select the winners on Friday, November 23rd right after Thanksgiving! Yay - winning! Announcements will be made on the blog and we'll contact you via email, too. IMPORTANT: Keep the confirmation email you receive from the Red Cross - you'll have to send that to us when we contact you. You can send it right away by forwarding it to:

Also, please, please, please help us spread the word about this raffle. Post it on your blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. The more people know, the more funds we will raise to assist with the Red Cross Disaster Relief efforts. We have badges that you can share on your blog! Thank you, Emily Chionchio, for designing these badges - SO perfect!


How to use these buttons:
If you are using a self-hosted Wordpress blog:
        1: Click "Appearance"
        2: Click "Widgets"
        3: Select the "Text" widget and drag it into your blog's sidebar
        4: Click on the arrow that is on the right side of the "Text" widget
        5: Copy and past the HTML code for badge into the "Text" widget
        6: Click on the "Save" button
If you are using Blogger:
        1: Click "Design"
        2: Click "Page Elements"
        3: Click "Add a Gadget"
        4: Click on "HTML/Javascript"
        5: Copy and past the HTML code for badge code
        6: Click on the "Save" button
        7: Place the element where you want it to display on your page by dragging it into position. When finished, click the "Save" button.

And as always, thank you so very much! I am amazed every day at the generosity and kindness of the maker community. The prizes that have been donated by members of the arts & crafts community in these difficult economic times makes me weep. The donations from all of you makes all the difference in a world that often seems so divided and for that I have hope for our future. Thanks you from the very bottom of my heart. xoVirginia

P.S. Prizes can be found OVER HERE!

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The Annex Open House

Last night we hosted an Open House for the Annex, our new studio space and artist-in-residence accommodations. We couldn't be prouder of what we've done over the last three weeks and it was such a treat to share it with so many of you. The bright white space filled with textiles, the smell of butternut squash soup and a hazelnut cake baked by none other than Lizzy House was more than I could have hoped for and then all of you came. I am honored. Honored that you took time away from your work, your family, your books/televisions/knitting/Monday-night-football to see The Annex. To meet my friend, Lizzy. To share in this next great adventure.





The space is perfect for large works. These quilts designed by Lizzy fill the large white walls and instantly inspire me to make the next thing. To get out the needles and finish off those socks. And cut into that precious piece of Liberty Tana Lawn to make a fall blouse. To piece together blocks of color and sit and hand quilt lines of stitching around each star. The Annex was created not only to provide you with space to create but to also inspire each of us to step into the unknown and create something new.




Thank you for coming to the Open House. I hope we see more of you. I hope you'll join us for Lizzy's Champion Ribbon workshop next Saturday. I know I'll be making Noah and I some ribbons to celebrate the Annex. And seriously, Gather Here Peeps are the kindest, sweetest, most generous people on either side of the river. Seeing you gather around Lizzy's quilts, touching the stitching, chatting with one another about what you were making and what you dreamed of making, truly made my heart overflow. Seeing so many lovely crafted bags, gorgeous knitwear, and one little girl in a to-die-for corduroy coat was a testament to this age of handmade. And we can't wait to see what you make next. What we can make together on this corner of Broadway and Lee in mid-Cambridge. Thank you.




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Run Like an Antelope

You may not realize this about me (Virginia) but my super power is remembering people. I usually can remember a person, his/her name and what she/he was working on. Perhaps even ask about the big date you were going on after a Saturday sewing class or get an update on your house hunting/buying. I make a point of asking lots of questions when I'm teaching or mingling at Pints 'n Purls. You can't have me cut your fabric without being peppered with questions about what you are making. And if you end up asking me about yarn, well, I'll be stalking your progress on Ravelry before you even have time to knit a swatch. I'm totally being honest when I say, "share a picture or bring it in." Because I remember you.


above: Megan Lally from her Pink Blog <PREVIEWEND>

This super power confession brings me to this post. I remember Megan. She homebrewed some amazing blueberry ale and brought it to a Pints 'n Purls in spring of 2011. She was sitting at the head of the old oak table. She was generous enough to offer me a glass of beer. Which we proceeded to spill everywhere. And we laughed so hard about it. And I admired her whale zippered box bag. Made with whale fabric from the store. Bought right after we had opened. It wasn't actually hers, she had made it for her sister, Jocelyn. She never mentioned metastatic breast cancer. Or anything about her health. She was full of life. She was 31.

I received a request today to sponsor The First Annual Memorial 5K Run and Fun Walk for Megan Lally to benefit Metastatic Breast Cancer Research. I wish Gather Here was over the hurdle, that we had finished our new studio expansion and that all the additional classes were paying for it. Because I would give so much money to sponsor this run. We're committing to being a Friend Sponsor, maybe if August is a super profitable month we'll go Bronze. Megan and Jocelyn's friend, Greeley sent us a message via Facebook about the run. Greeley is one of the most awesome people I've met since opening the store. And I know this Memorial 5K is something she is committed to. And now we are, too. Because this generous, wonderful woman should still be here. Knitting socks. Sewing bags. Doing normal things with the people who really did know her and remember her.

The race is on October 14th in Worcester. There will be beer. There will be music. And yes, there will be a 5K race along Lake Quinsagamond. There's a certain sewing physician that has been nudging me to get back to running...Suzin (if you're reading this blog), I think we should run this 5K. And maybe "you" should register, too. We can run this together, we can honor the memory of a knitter who made a hell of a blueberry ale and died way too young.

Don't think you can run? Donate to the Megan Lally Memorial Fund here. And thank you.

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Gather Here Love Letter from Naomi

(If you happen to be by the shop today (Wednesday, April 25), it's Naomi's last day. Drop in and wish her well. We're all going to miss her so very very much. That's the greatest thing about opening Gather Here, we meet the most amazing people and get to call them our friends.)

As some of you may have heard, I am no longer going to be working at Gather Here.  I have come across two amazing opportunities that I could not pass up, one to survey lizards in the Bahamas in May, and the other to study shorebirds in the Arctic for June and July.  It is with great sadness that I am leaving this amazing community and so in order to help me process these sad feelings, I'm writing you love letters! Here goes.


left: box bags, right: liberty baby bibs <PREVIEWEND>

To the Gather Here community,
    Thank you for being so nice to me!  I am constantly amazed by the depth of generosity you show, whether it's welcoming me into the crafter's brunch, complimenting me on my handmade things, or just listening to some of the processing I've had to do in the last eight months.  You are truly amazing people.  Working at Gather Here didn't feel like 'work' and it's because I got to hang out with my friends everyday.  Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

    I also want to thank you for being so inspiring in your crafty endeavours.  There was hardly a day that one of you didn't come in with a brilliant idea that I had to go home and make right then. I honestly don't know how I'll stay inspired when I'm not surrounded by such amazing people!


left: crochet pillows, right: parson gray quilt

To the Gather Here Staff,
Oh, you guys!  Thanks for making every day fun.  Thanks for making me laugh almost every second I'm in the store. Thanks for staying up late and crafting.  Thanks for buying me coffees. Thanks for being inspiring and pushing my own creativity to realms never before explored.    I love you all boatloads.  
Maggie, Please never stop being the giant-hearted, free spirit that you are.
Sophie, Your sweaters make me want to knit sweaters! You are a crafty genius.
Sammy, You are so hilarious it hurts and you make me feel younger than I am!
Mike, When I look up 'good of heart' in the dictionary, there's a picture of you.
Danielle, You make the best chili/knitted things and I hope I'm as cool a mom as you are someday.
Alisa,  You're my style inspiration! Can I have all your clothes?
Maritza, I have such a friend crush on you. I also want every quilt you've ever made.

I will miss you all so much, but don't worry, I'll be in to craft every chance I get!


left: handmade t-shirt, right: schoolhouse tunic

To Virginia and Noah,

When I first moved here I was pretty lonely.  I went for a walk one Friday night and found myself on Broadway street.  During my pity-party/walk for one I had been thinking about how much I missed my community in Vancouver.  Then I saw it. It was a beacon in the dark. I walked in and couldn't believe my eyes.  Yarn! Fabric! Cool folks that would maybe be my friends? Then you asked me to come to knitter's brunch.  I was in.  

So my friendship with you both was born.  You got to hear all about my adventures in unemployment and bike polo, my cat's shenanigans and my exploration of a new country and city. I got to hear about opening a new business, behind the scenes facts about the movie biz, and about your cat's shenanigans. It was great!

Then you posted for a job.  I think I whipped together my resume in under ten minutes, wrote a blathering cover letter about how much I love the store and crafting and sent it off!  

Since then I have been incredibly lucky.  Not only have you two given me work, but you've given me a community, friendship, and the gift of making.  I am inspired every day I come to work.  I laugh every day I'm there.  I have felt challenged in my crafting and you are both such incredible dreamers, it's hard not to get caught up in the dreaming too. In fact, one of the most important moments in my time at Gather Here was when you asked me what my dreams are.  It takes a good person to ask this question, but it takes a true friendship to then go ahead and support me in following them. I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I will miss you incredibly!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.




left: spring colorwork cowl, right:whinnie with the knit jack-a-lope

p.s. To the whole of the community, you may see me around this blog while I'm out on my adventures! I'm hoping to share with you some of the inspiring things I see while I'm bouncing around the world. Until I see you again! xo

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Juniper Moon Farm and Lizzy House... my treat


Last fall Susan Gibbs of Juniper Moon Farm announced that Lizzy House would be doing a quilting and block printing workshop at the farm. It was six months away and I decided to sign up. I still haven't figured out how to tell the future so I booked myself a trip so far in advance that it would have to all work out. I'd be totally lying if I said the week before leaving wasn't crazy and stressful. It was the first time I would be out of the state and not just a text message away from the shop since we opened in February of 2011. But I still got on the plane and left. The promise of great food, excellent conversation and new friendships helped me set aside any anxieties I had about leaving the shop for an entire week. <PREVIEWEND>


Clockwise from left: Amanda with Jerry the llama, Caroline feeding the sheep, Zac and Lizzy with a lamb,Lizzy is ambushed by goats and sheep!

I'm so very glad I did. Lizzy House is exactly the person she says she is. The woman behind the enthusiastic tweets, the hopeful soul behind the honest blog posts, the gifted artist behind each inspired fabric collection. She is all of this and more. Plus she raises her voice in song when the mood strikes her, serenading a room of students cutting out fabric with "You're the Top" from Anything Goes.


Clockwise from left: the quilt Lizzy designed for the workshop, Lizzy sports the dress we made, Lizzy gets llama smooches, detail of her new Hello, Pilgrim! quilt

The farm is truly the magical place you've seen on the JMF website. The faces of the JMF pattern books smiling in real life. Susan is a gracious hostess leading her guests on a tour that would make you never want to leave. I stayed in a yurt! With a wood burning stove! I woke up to sheep grazing under the yurt and miniature donkeys frolicking in the copse. Homemade yogurt and granola waiting in the kitchen. And each evening delicious meals prepared by Zac were served and devoured by us as if it was our last meal.


Clockwise from left: first morning of the workshop, Monday morning snow fall, SHEEP!, one of several amazing meals by Zac.

And the people. The people who came were gems. Amanda, Peggy, Mary, Lisa, Amy, Caroline and Therese were the other students in Lizzy's workshop. Each of them truly amazing and all of us with such different yet beautiful fabric. I can't wait to see each of their finished quilts! Kimm would join us for garment sewing on Monday and made the most adorable sweet pea skirt this side of the Mississippi. I swear.


Clockwise from left: Mary's blocks, Caroline in handmade skirt, Amanda's blocks, Kimm hemming her skirt.

The next time Juniper Moon Farm offers a weekend workshop retreat, GO! If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from Lizzy House, DO IT! The experience will be with me forever. I'm pretty sure this is true for everyone who came. (A blog post dedicated just to my week of making to follow...)


Clockwise from left: Susan leads us on a tour of the farm, the sun setting on the farm, the interior of the yurt, picturesque barn

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The Birthday Countdown

Who knew a whole year could fly by so quickly? It feels like it was only yesterday that I was painting walls white, putting together shelving and scrubbing old concrete floors. To be honest, I'm still scrubbing old concrete floors but the walls are barely visible now that the shelves are stocked, the many samples hung, and there is now so much inspiration on the walls made to share with all of you.


<PREVIEWEND>Some folks have referred to the 19th of February as our anniversary. But we've been calling it a birthday. Perhaps because Noah and I don't have children. Perhaps because she was just a tiny little seed of a dream in 2009. Then a reality by October of 2010 when we became an actual Massachusetts business. Gather Here was a concept, a logo, a business plan, a website and a pile of Ikea shelving. Boxes of stuff from all over the world arrived in January 2011. And the blood, sweat and tears of a village of believers made her greater than the sum of her parts by February of that year. Noah and I have watched this shop wobble, stumble and finally get her bearings and walk proudly into the community. We hope to see her run before she is two years of age.

This Sunday we celebrate the dream of one crazy crafter and the people that make it possible for gather here to grow up. We've got lots to share including some of our favorite local crafters and artists. Opening Gather Here has created opportunities to collaborate or witness the collaborations of the talented community. It's our pleasure to share these folks with you.


Who's going to be at the party:

Made in Lowell will be returning! We just began carrying her awesome cupcake pincushion rings in 2012 but we know she's bringing full-sized cupcake pin cushions. And perhaps a mushroom pin cushion, too.

Ady Bee of Dye KnittinK Dye is back with her gorgeous fibers (including vegan yarns!!!) as well as an amazing collaboration with the incredible designer, Ann Weaver. We'll be showcasing Ann's trunk show and books, too. Our professional sample knitter, Koren is in the middle of the Whiteness of the Whale cardigan out of Juniper Moon Farm's Findley. It's going to be gorgeous.

We're excited to introduce many of you to our friend, Patti of On the Edge Knife Sharpening. She'll be sharpening scissors in the shop from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m.! She can do left-handed scissors as well as pinking shears. She sharpens all the Gather Here scissors every couple of months and we think she is the absolute bomb-dot-com.

Danielle of the Merriweather Council will be opening her embroidery exhibit in the studio space with over fifty newly made and framed pieces just for this occasion. You'll have the opportunity to meet this inspiring artist and wrestle for one of her pieces. We are a bit frightened that once the wall is covered in her hoops we won't ever want to take them down.

We are fortunate to also be hosting Amy of Knit Collage who has been collaborating with our very own knitting genius, Danielle Shields! She'll have a full-fledged trunk show with lots of luxurious yarn, the newest Knit Collage pattern book as well as some free patterns. If you've never met Amy in-real-life then this alone should get you down to the shop. She is honestly the bestest person we've ever met.

And finally, we have some of our own goodies to share. There will be "craft or die" t-shirts that are hand-screened by the amazing Megan Mary Creamer right over at the Washington Street Arts Center. Limited edition draw string bags designed by Marissa Falco and also screened by Megan Mary Creamer. (I adore both of these ladies so much!) The fabulous Joe Barillaro designed the postcard for our birthday and will have some limited edition posters screen printed by James Weinberg and available for purchase. We can't wait to add this to the other two prints he created in the past year. Some of the samples that we've made will also be for sale. Like the Oliver + S dresses out of Cloud 9 Organic fabrics and a few A-line and wrap skirts. If the fabric is gone there's no sense in keeping these and we hope they'll find good homes. And we've stitched up our very own lined box bags. We don't have many of them because we want you to do-it-yourself but we couldn't resist the combinations of fabrics currently in the shop.

See you Sunday, February 19, 2012 from 2 until 6 p.m. We're excited (aren't we always?), we'll have cupcakes, and we'll have little gifts that we'll be handing out throughout the party compliments of the many companies that supply our shop with quality goods. And like our holiday party, with your $25 purchase you can enter to win a raffle prize! (Ask the holiday prize winners - those prizes were pretty sweet!)

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The Colorist


Who's a fan of Lizzy House? (raises both hands)

Maritza (our quilting instructor and crafty-genius) and I saw on the twitter-verse that there was some interest in doing a quilt-along for Lizzy's awesome pattern, The Colorist. And somewhere between too many Friday night cocktails and tweets we volunteered to put together the official group! Which is a pretty cool thing to find out you've done on Saturday morning when you check your twitter feed. <PREVIEWEND>

The flickr group is officially up and already has 40 members! But we know there are more of you peeps out there. Don't be afraid of curves! Don't be afraid of color! Bottom line - don't be afraid!

You have plenty of time to join us because I'm just now blogging about this brilliant idea. Here's the official timeline that Maritza and I worked out. We spread it out over a couple of months because we know you're busy. We know we're busy but if you get bit by the piecing or quilting bug, don't let this timeline stop you from getting it done! Just go easy on the rest of us when we post pics at midnight...

February 14th (it isn't a coincidence that we chose Valentine's Day - WE <3 Lizzy House!): Choose and post pics of your "color wheel" fabrics. (You'll need at least 30 fabrics for the color ring and 4 1/2 yards of background fabric.)

February 21st: Sew your background and cut out the circle pieces.

February 29th: Cut out all your pieces.

March 14th: Piece all the "warm" pieces. Don't just stitch the wedges but stitch them together as well. (Warm = yellow, peach, orange, red, pink)

March 28th: Piece all the "cool" pieces. Don't just stitch the wedges but stitch them together as well. (Cool = green, teal, blue, indigo, purple)

April 9th: Stitch the color ring to the inner circle.

April 16th: Stitch the color ring to the outer circle.

May 7th: Quilt and bind (obviously).

You can post pics prior to the dates listed (of course) and if you don't post by the date we've penciled in, that's totally fine, too. We figured having some deadlines might inspire us (the big huge community of The Colorist admirers) to get crackin'. And because I volunteered to organize this, it means I can't just look at the pretty stack of fabric I've chosen. I must "make something"!

Maritza and I will both be writing blog posts about the process. Lizzy's pattern instructions are super user-friendly but since some folks are a bit afraid, we thought it might be helpful to see pictures of us doing it all. We hope it not only inspires you to get down to Colorist business but also helps you get through any tricky parts.

We certainly hope you'll join us! Pick up the pattern from Lizzy's shop here or ask your LQS if they have it in stock (we still have a couple copies). And send any questions to us via our blogs or twitter (sotosofties or gather_here).

From the pattern:

Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty and immanent presence. It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees. - Johannes Itten

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Raffle Prize WINNERS!

Winners have been posted with each prize! Check your # here and then email your Red Cross confirmation email to us: makesomething(at)gatherhereonline(dot)com. The post you've been waiting for (drum roll please), the PRIZES!!!! Thanks to all the amazing generous people who have donated their products and handmade goods to this fundraiser. Every single one of you made me just a wee bit weepy each time I received a tweet or email asking if you could donate something. My heart is quite full of love for you all.

Above: Knit Collage's newest yarn Rolling Stone in four colors: (clockwise from left) Buttercup Glow, Boho Dance, Shooting Star & Rambling Rose. Two skeins of each - 62% wool/25% recycled sari silk/8% mohair/5% Angelina Sparkle.
WINNER: 76. Gail Harrison (1555-7927-1-5023432-5559901)

Left: Boston Bead Company Seed Bead Kit for various embellishment projects.
Right: Coral and leather bracelet handcrafted by the staff of the Boston Bead Company. Read about the Boston Bead Company's commitment to our fundraising efforts on their blog.
WINNER: 20. Regina (1555-5887-1-4995546-5527408)

Left: The Orange Owl Gift Basket including soap made right in Vermont at the Orange Owl, soap dish handmade from reclaimed wood, vegan body butter, vegan bath salt, and a one lip balm. The winner will receive his/her choice of each product just visit: The Orange Owl! The Orange Owl provides all-natural, handmade products that will leave you feeling extraordinary made in an eco-friendly, socially-conscious manner.
WINNER: 21. Gabi J (1555-5887-1-4997256-5529350)

Right: Bracelet and Earring Set designed and handcrafted by Lush Beads of Lowell, Massachusetts. Liz Stewart creates each piece in her shop located at the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell.
WINNER: 84. Alison (1555-5887-1-5033436-5572056) <PREVIEWEND>

Left: Hand embroidered wishbone stitch necklace by The Merriweather Council. We have an embroidered piece by The Merriweather Council and our lives are the better for it!
WINNER: 50. Betz (1555-5887-1-5014267-5548838)

Right: Waxed canvas lunch tote by Redstaggerwing Designs. As seen in Apartment Therapy's the kitchn. Winner selects color!
WINNER 16. Cathleen O'Connell (1555-7927-1-4991345-5522838)

Left: Hand-dyed merino wool fingering weight yarn: 440 yds / 400m, 100g. Colorway: Concord &
Handspun 2-ply yarn mix of wools, sparkle & more: 319 ft (106+ yds) / 97+ m, 3.2 ozs. (MIX TAPE VII) by rhinofluff aka migration goods (I've knit with rhinofluff's yarn and it is spectacular!)
WINNER: 55. Sally/Mommers (1555-7927-1-5014707-5549375)

Right: Miles Lewis Peck House, located in Bristol, Connecticut. His 1881 house, on Summer Street in Bristol, was designed by his brother, the Waterbury architect Theodore Peck. This historic home hand printed pillow is by Not Without Merrit. Image printed on pre-washed twill with envelope enclosure back.
WINNER: 75. Katt (1555-7927-1-5023432-5559901)

Left: Julia a blend of superwash and tencel hand-dyed by Dirty Water Dyeworks.
Right: Paula 100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester hand-dyed by Dirty Water Dyeworks.

A skein of each in the color of the winner's choice!
WINNER: 28. Kristina Shaughnessy (1555-7927-1-4999696-5532074)

Left: Daisy Janie organic canvas & Geo Grand Patchwork Pillow by Jan DiCintio from her award-winning Fall Quilt Market Booth. We are proud to carry Jan's Daisy Janie fabrics in the shop and can't believe she gave this pillow up!
WINNER: 69. MollyGreer (1555-7927-1-5019061-5554431)

Right: Cloud9 Fabrics Owl Pillow (blue or pink) & 8 pc fat quarter bundle (selected by Cloud9). This owl pillow is made from Cloud9 Organic Flannel and is all kinds of awesome.
WINNER: 35. Susan Arnott (1555-7927-1-5006835-5540223)

Left: Made in Lowell Pincushion Ring - Chocolate & Strawberry. Liz created this ring in response to many "folks at craft shows requesting a pincushion ring". Pins included! Use it and wear it with pride.
WINNER: 7. Alexis Deise (1555-5887-1-4972899-5502937)

Right: To Boldly Fold: Follow Your Heart Cards (4 pack) created by Melissa Chao. Melissa is also the co-mastermind behind The Handmade Campaign: bringing awareness and excitement for making to the "world"!
WINNER: 41. Nick Zavediuk (1555-7927-1-5010161-5544001)

Above: Yoga Mat Bag Sewing Pattern by Needle and Spatula. I had the pleasure of meeting Kate just last weekend while she was visiting Cambridge.
WINNER: 43. Holly Rossi (1555-5887-1-5013332-5547689)

Above: Free-Motion Applique Messenger Bag Pattern by Needle and Spatula. Visit Kate's blog for interesting patterns, tutorials and more.
WINNER: 14. Annie Rota (1555-5887-1-4988185-5519306)

Above: Super Amazing Awesome Lion Quilt by Maritza of Soto Softies. Perfect for just about anyone - cotton and felt, backed in a cotton polka dot print. Whoever wins this must let me come over and play, please.
WINNER: 95. Mike (1555-5887-1-5036605-5575825)

Left: Set of "Thank Ewe" cards by Shortcake Scraps. Hand stamped, hand colored and hand sparkled! And Candice writes a nifty blog!
WINNER: 45. Louisehl (1555-7927-1-5014075-5548622)

Right: 2 Skeins of Arden Fingering Weight from Fleur de Fiber - bottom skein Gem of the Ocean, top skein Bluegrass. Hand painted and hand dyed in Chicago. Content: 80% Superwash Wool/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon (We met Angela just a month or so ago & she was just the nicest person!)
WINNER: 51. Marci (1555-7927-1-5014295-5548867)

Above: Four workhorse yarns from our wonderful Cascade representative, Warren. Plus a pattern (B&B sock pattern or Cabled Head band) with the corresponding yarn.
WINNER: 64. Mlinden (1555-5887-1-5017204-5552315)

Left: Bowl of Cherries Lunch Set by Sparkle J Designs. The reversible drawstring lunch bag measures approximately 10 3/4 inches tall, 5 1/4 inches wide, and 4 1/4 inches deep. Sturdy nickel grommets are strung with polyester drawstring to keep all your goodies tucked inside. Includes TWO coordinating napkins, both 16 inches square, top stitched, with tidy mitered corners.
WINNER: 15. Jennifer Roebuck (1555-5887-1-4973355-5503444)

Right: D.I.Y. Felted Wreath Kit by Post Road. This kit comes with precut felted squares from repurposed wool sweaters, threaded needle, velvet ribbon and directions for an easy and satisfying creation. Everything is packaged in a muslin pouch.
WINNER: 38. Amanda Hooge (1555-7927-1-5008026-5541592)

Above: Fall 2011 Yarn Share from Juniper Moon Farm. A blend of premium extra fine Kid Mohair and the softest, finest Merino. You’ll receive a PDF shareholders certificate, daily farm updates on the blog about what’s going on around the farm, discounts in our online shop, an invitation to our Shearing Day Celebration and, of course, your share in the form of yarn. The Share price is for natural (undyed) yarn; you will be give the opportunity to purchase custom dyeing when the shares are back from the mill.
WINNER: 25. Carlin (1555-7927-1-4997865-5530040)

Left: 4 oz. of hand dyed Blue-faced Leicester wool top by Tanuki Dyeworks. This fiber has been dyed with professional acid dyes and conditioned for softness. Items made from this fiber should be hand-washed and laid flat to dry.
WINNER: 53. Jenny (1555-5887-1-5014358-5548936)

Right: Hand pressed and carved black sheep pendant made from buffalo horn by Mike Burke. Chain is approximately 21" long and is embellished with a wire wrapped amethyst.
WINNER: 32. Tegan Morton (1555-7927-1-5003537-5536473)

Above: Something awesome from Shannon of The Spun Monkey.
WINNER: 56. Mimi (1555-7927-1-5014761-5549441)

Above: A craft pack (printed zipper, a button pack, a dishtowel kit, and a screen printed notebook and drawstring pouch) from the wonderful Codi of Iowa City's Home Ec. Workshop, the stitch lounge my sister-in-law loves. And since it's because of Heather that I decided to organize this little raffle, it's appropriate that her stitch lounge and LYS is a part of it. If I lived in Iowa City there would be no reason for gather here because Home Ec. is practically perfect in every way.
WINNER: 36. Susan Lay (1555-7927-1-5007750-5541292)

Above: Oliver + S 2 + 2 Blouse & Skirt (size 4) on left WINNER: 39. Deborah Parker (1555-7927-1-5008793-5548465) & Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress (size 2T) on right WINNER: 19. KBP (1555-7927-1-4995386-5527238). Both dresses made from Cloud9 Happy Nursery Fabrics, finished with vintage buttons and handcrafted with care by gather here.

Above: Ella Rae lace merino from Knitting Fever. Exceptionally soft, machine washable, gorgeous dyed colorway.
WINNER: 86. Steffie B (1555-7927-1-5035166-5574133)

Above: Kate Spain terrain & Deb Strain Nature's Gift charm packs from moda. And yes, that is holiday fabric but shouldn't you get a head start on your holiday projects?
WINNER: 46. Pattynubs (1555-7927-1-5014104-5548657)

Left: Stitch Chains by fancy, Susanna Brown. Winner selects the chain.
WINNER: 11. Ingrid Schorr (1555-7927-1-4984940-5515814)

Right: Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Flamme from Knitting Fever. 50% Peruvian Wool/30% Alpaca/20% Silk
WINNER: 47. Janis (1555-7927-1-5014186-5548749)

Above: A subscription to Knitter's Magazine thanks to Kimberly of The Knitting Universe!
WINNER: 2. Rebecca Spainhower (1555-7927-1-4971604-5501474)

Above: Large Plush Toy by Zooguu! We love Zooguu! We love Jen! Winner gets to pick the toy - we didn't picture all the awesomeness that is Zooguu.
WINNER: 66. Petra - Creative Mom (1555-7927-1-5017458-5552647)

Above: Embroidered House Pin by Stray Notions. Handstitched in Massachusetts by craft superstar, Sharon!
WINNER: 62. Susan (1555-5887-1-5016617-5551664)

AND a special prize for Betty McCoy, my lovely sister-in-law's mother, who lost her home in the Joplin, Missouri tornado. gather here is giving your wonderful daughter, Heather, two skeins of Shibui Sock Yarn. Because you've lost everything and I wish I could have given you a home! WINNER: Betty McCoy/30. Lisa-Ann/Heather (1555-7927-1-5001627-5534322)

After all that I hope you've been inspired to head over to the Red Cross and make a donation. And then post a comment on the original blog post over here.  For every $10 donated you receive a virtual raffle ticket. The raffle ends at midnight on Tuesday, June 14th and we'll randomly select the winners on Wednesday, June 15th. Thank you all for your generosity, even if you don't know a single person in Joplin, Missouri or anywhere that has been affected by the tornadoes and flooding, please know that you have done a world of good for those who need it most.

Virginia (owner/crafter/dreamer)

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